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Hair Masque

After Sun

brilliance in hair
bringing back
Great for frizzy, dry hair and for those  with curly hair that lacks bounce; great for long or short hair, great for any hair type.
ginger, licorice & turmeric
Licorice & Ginger
organic hair care that actually works  wonders

After Sun

brilliance in hair

bringing back
restores hair & scalp
to optimal condition

Product Description

Blonde Hair Masque

regenerates and nourishes
brings hair and scalp to optimal condition 

A hair masque is a deep conditioning treatment for hair and scalp that should be applied once every week to add moisture, prevent frizz and breakage, and make hair soft and shiny. It contains deeply conditioning and moisturising oils and vitamins. Masques are useful for people with any type of hair.

This formula regenerates and nourishes hair that has been damaged by heat, photo aging, commercial shampoos and other factors, and transforms it into stronger and healthier hair.

At the same time it helps to eliminate most scalp problems e.g. oily skin, dandruff, any rashes, etc.

The oils and extracts  will preserve and enhance the light hair tone with added shine and vibrancy.

Use on regular basis to significantly improve the look of your hair.

How to Use

This hair masque regenerates and nourishes hair that has been damaged by heat, photo aging, commercial shampoos and other factors and transforms it into stronger and healthier hair.

(If formula becomes too thick, put the bottle in hot water for a few minutes).

1) Apply and massage for a few minutes into a clean scalp.

2) Warm a towel cap under hot water. It needs to be very warm but not too hot.

3) Cover your head with the warm tower cap and then with a plastic shower cap for approximately 1/2 hour - 2 hours.

4) Wash your hair TWICE with a good cleansing shampoo. No need to apply hair conditioner.

Use it at least once a week for stronger, healthier hair and better colour.

* Both caps are provided with every order.


Certified Organic Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Juice

Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Certified Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil

Pure Allantoin

Certified Organic Ginger Oil

Certified Organic Turmeric Powder

Certified Organic Evening Primrose Oil

Certified Organic Safflower Oil

Certified Organic Virgin Olive Oil

Certified Organic Licorice Extract 

Certified Organic Gingko Biloba Extract

Purified Water

L- Malic Acid

Certified Organic Rhodiola Rosea

Amino Acids (Arginine, Cysteine, Glycine, Lysine, Methionine)


Coral Calcium

Vitamin E, C, B3, H

Hydrolysed Wheat Protein

Silk Amino Acids Hydrolised (Liquid Silk)

Ionic Silver

Benzoin Resin

Find out more about all the ingredients here...

* Organic  Wildcrafted  Garden Grown

* Vegan

* Our products are NEVER tested on animals



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125 ml

Organic         Wildcrafted         Garden Grown